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This document concerns only the browsing of content placed on the website at the address www.atafinance.pl.

The website operated at the address www.atafinance.pl is administered by member entities of the ATA Finance Group, including: ATA Tax Sp. z o.o. and ATA Accounting Services Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. The registered office of the ATA Finance Companies is in Warsaw at al. Armii Ludowej 26 (hereinafter ATA Finance). ATA Finance takes care to protect the privacy of the Users and information collected with help of cookies are used to administer the Website.

What are cookies?

  • are short text files with IT data used to browse the Website content, which are stored in the User’s terminal equipment (e.g. computer). Cookies used by www.atafinance.pl do not serve the purpose to collect personal data of the Users. The User has the possibility to decide whether Cookies will be enabled on his/her Equipment.

The Website informs that traffic on the page is monitored by Google Analytics in order to collect data about the manner of use and popularity of the Website. By using the Website, the User agrees to the analysis of his/her data by Google Analytics for the purpose described in this paragraph.

Types of and purpose of Cookie use by www.atafinance.pl

SESSION: They are stored temporarily and automatically removed after lapse of certain time or after closing the page or web browser.

  • among others to improve navigation on the page.

PERMANENT: They stay on the equipment for specific time or until they are removed by the User on his/her terminal Equipment.

  • to store information whether the User is new or returning or whether he/she used the Website through a Partner.

EXTERNAL: Cookies from partner websites: e.g. Facebook, Google, Google Analytics.

  • to keep statistical data.

How to enable/disable cookies?

The User may at any time change the browser settings, however, each browser has specific way for changing the settings, and so e.g. when using Internet Explorer v. 8.0 you should: 1) Select “Tools” from the menu, and then “Internet options”; 2) Go to the tab “Privacy”; 3) Use the scroll to set preferred options.

Web browsers often enable by default to install cookies on the User’s terminal equipment.

The Website informs that if the possibility to use cookies is disabled by the User, it may affect the Website functionality.

What data are processed?

  • processes data provided by the User on a voluntary basis in order to receive news connected with operation of the Website.

The Website undertakes to store data safely and not to provide them to third parties.

The User has the right of access to his/her data and may send an e-mail with a request for erasure or rectification of data.

Re-direction to other pages.

The Website www.atafinance.pl has links to other web pages. Every time when the User opens a new web page, he/she should read its Privacy Policy. The Website www.atafinance.pl is not liable for the privacy policy – cookies applicable on such pages.


In the event of amendment of the applicable Privacy Policy – cookies, appropriate modifications to the above content will be made.