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Information for subscribers of “ATA Finance Newsletter”

General information:

Newsletter service provided via electronic mail enables all registered persons to receive automatically our Newsletter containing information about the most important changes in tax or accounting regulations and activities connected with ATA Finance.

  • The use of “ATA Finance Newsletter” service is voluntary and indefinite.
  • In order to provide “ATA Finance Newsletter” service, the following data are collected from interested persons: e-mail address, forename and surname, company name.
  • Every registered person may at any time change or erase his/her data entered during the registration process.
  • Information about the Privacy Policy is available after clicking the link: “Privacy Policy”.

The Controllers of your personal data are member entities of the ATA Finance Group, including: ATA Tax Sp. z o.o. and ATA Accounting Services Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. The registered office of the ATA Finance Companies is in Warsaw at al. Armii Ludowej 26 (hereinafter ATA Finance).

Personal data are collected by ATA Finance only for the purpose of their processing in order to provide the “ATA Finance Newsletter” service. Data are provided by data subjects on a voluntary basis, but without their provision it is not possible to provide the service.

Registration process:

The “ATA Finance Newsletter” service is provided only to registered persons. In order to register, you have to complete the following activities:

  1. Enter the website at http://www.atafinance.pl/en/newsletter
  2. Read documentation available on the website: “Instructions for Newsletter subscribers” and “Privacy Policy”.
  3. Fill in properly the electronic form:
    1. in the field “your e-mail”, enter e-mail address to which Newsletters are to be sent. The e-mail address entered must belong to or be at the disposal of the registering person. It is not allowed to use electronic mail addresses that do not belong to registering persons.
    2. agree to the processing of personal data by ATA Finance, in order to use the „ATA Finance Newsletter” service. Consent to the processing of personal data must be confirmed by clicking the checkbox next to the accepted content.
    3. Confirm the fact of having read “Information for subscribers of “ATA Finance Newsletter”” and “Privacy Policy” by clicking the checkbox.
  4. Click the button (after clicking information will be sent to the e-mail address entered during the registration process, with a link to the process verifying a request to add the mailbox to the distribution list of the “ATA Finance Newsletter” service).
  5. Click the e-mail sent with a link to the process verifying a request to add the mailbox to the distribution list of the “ATA Finance Newsletter” service. This confirms the will of the owner of the registered e-mail address to be added to the distribution lists of the “ATA Finance Newsletter” service. From that moment, subsequent Newsletters will be sent to the registered e-mail account.

Process of erasing registered data:

If it becomes necessary to erase (de-register) the e-mail address placed on the distribution list of the “ATA Finance Newsletter” service, you should:

  1. Click the link available in the footer of the message sent in the course of providing the “ATA Finance Newsletter” service.
  2. Next the user will be re-directed to a separate page where resignation from the “ATA Finance Newsletter” service may be made. Click the button “Confirm” on this page. This will remove a given address from the subscriber list and no further “ATA Finance Newsletters” will be sent.