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Lower CIT and unification of VAT rates – Ministry of Finance revealed the planned simplifications

In a recent interview for Rzeczpospolita, Teresa Czerwińska, Minister of Finance presented the modifications on which the Ministry is currently working and which – in the opinion of fiscal authorities – are to facilitate running business, stimulate entrepreneurship and innovative activities in the economy.
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Legal regulations making VAT deduction dependent on the timely filing of a tax return correction contrary to Directive 112?


Legal regulations effective as of 1 January, which make the right to deduct VAT in the case of reverse charge mechanism transactions dependent on the observance of a 3-month deadline for the filing of a tax return, remain the point of dispute with tax authorities. Two judgments of Regional Administrative Courts were given over the recent weeks, each taking a different position to compliance of the Polish regulations in this regard with the VAT Directive.

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Split payment mechanism

As of 1 July 2018, the VAT regulations implementing the split payment mechanism are coming into force. Consequently, payment for purchased services or goods may be made both ways: the net value will be on a standard basis paid to the supplier’s bank account, while the value of the tax may be transferred to the supplier’s special account – a VAT bank account.
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Wind farms – Seven judges will resolve how to calculate real property tax


The extended bench of the Supreme Administrative Court will decide whether municipal authorities are allowed to collect the tax only on the construction part (i.e. erected with using construction materials) or also on technical facilities of a wind farm.

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