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New VAT rate matrix


On 9 November 2018, a draft law to amend the Act on the Tax on Goods and Services and the Tax Code was published on the website of the Government Legislation Centre. One of the key aims of the draft is to simplify the VAT rate system by introducing the so-called new VAT rate matrix.

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New rules for passenger-car-related cost settlements

The amended Personal Income Tax and Corporate Income Tax Acts have introduced changes concerning the settlements of costs relating to passenger cars owned by taxpayers or used under a lease agreement or an agreement similar in nature.
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Additional tax liability


With effect as of 1 January 2019 a new chapter has been added to the Tax Code introducing the additional tax liability - an institution already in operation with respect to the tax on goods and services.

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Binding Rate Information - a new tool for taxpayer protection


Currently, many taxpayers struggle to determine a proper VAT rate applicable to the goods sold or services provided by them. In order to clarify such doubts, taxpayers have often applied for a classification opinion to the Main Statistical Office, which, however, is not binding and as such does not serve to protect a taxpayer in a potential dispute with the tax authorities.

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