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Lack of records = hidden profits? Taxation of cars in Estonian CIT


The lump sum tax on corporate income, colloquially referred to as Estonian CIT, is a form of taxation alternative to the 'classical' CIT. The attractiveness of this solution has significantly increased since January 1, 2022, when the stringent conditions for entering the Estonian system, maintaining an appropriate level of investment and the income threshold for switching to the lump sum tax were abolished.

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SLIM VAT 3 – a package of amendments simplifying VAT settlements


On January 31, 2022 the Ministry of Finance have announced the commencement of pre-consultations concerning a new package of solutions concerning VAT settlements, the so-called Slim VAT 3 package.

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Relief for heritage buildings

On 1.01.2022 the tax amendments as part of the Polish Deal became effective, including among other things the so-called ‘heritage relief’. Eligible for the new relief are owners or co-owners of immovable monuments who are taxpayers in personal income tax and pay tax in accordance with the standard tax scale, a flat-rate tax or as lump sum on registered income.
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New changes to PIT coming soon...


The Polish Deal was implemented into Polish law at the beginning of 2022. The new regulations, despite only being in force for a month, have already provoked many concerns among taxpayers.

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