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From February 1, 2021, taxpayers will be able to use the e-Tax Office


The Ministry of Finance and National Revenue Administration (hereinafter: the NRA) have launched the online e-Tax Office. Since February 1, 2021, the first functions of the Electronic Tax Office, which were introduced as part of a long-term project, have been available on the podatki.gov.pl website. According to predictions, the system will be implemented in stages. By September 2022, taxpayers will have been given access to the full functionality, which the Ministry of Finance and the NRA are preparing for us, when the last changes have been implemented. Therefore, from February, taxpayers will be able to use the first e-Tax Office services.

Taxpayers, remitters, attorneys, as well as bailiffs and notaries will be able to use the Electronic Tax Office services. As new functionalities are added, the circle of users will expand to include the subsequent above-mentioned groups. Through the service, taxpayers can access their tax data, information about their business activity, an application used to submit SAF-Ts, as well as making online payments for administrative charges, including police fines.

Currently, only natural persons can use the system to make online payments, in respect of PIT, CIT, VAT, PCC, inheritance tax, lump-sum tax, stamp duty, other taxes and non-tax dues, and fines. Additionally, they will be able to gain access to their payment history and the electronic handling of certain administrative letters, e.g. those concerning the use of an overpayment for offsetting subsequent liabilities or a tax refund.

Since February 1, the service “Your e-PIT” has also been transferred to the e-Tax Office system. As a result, the taxpayers who want to settle their 2020 PIT returns by the Internet will be required to log in to the new system, and not, as before, to the e-PIT service itself.

Over the following stages, the NRA are planning to provide services such as issuance of certificates, integration with the e-TOLL system, as well as further functionalities for taxpayers concerning submission of applications and information about the status of the cases.

In order to use all the possibilities of the service, it is necessary to log in by means of a Trusted Profile, electronic banking or e-ID. However, it will also be possible to log in to the Your e-PIT service using tax data.

The activation of the e-Tax Office “is an element of the Client at the centre of NRA’s attention programme, which is expected to intensify the direct contact with taxpayers and simplify the handling of official matters” – underlines the head of the NRA. 


Kinga Duszna, Tax Consultant, ATA Tax Sp. z o.o.

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