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Uniform European TIN – better control of taxpayers at EU level


The European Commission (EC) intends to introduce a uniform European Tax Identification Number for all taxpayers. Through such number all EU Member States would have access to information about taxpayers. According

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Tax may be paid for another taxpayer – verdict of the Supreme Court


A company acting as a third party may effectively pay tax for another taxpayer. So ruled the Supreme Court in its verdict of 11 April 2013 (ref. no. CSK 368/12).

To date tax

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Take-up of investment certificates in exchange for securities and shares in a limited liability company (sp. z o.o.) is not treated as revenue – new verdict of the Supreme Administrative Court

Contribution of securities and shares in sp. z o.o. to a closed end investment fund in exchange for investment certificates does not create revenue on account of the transfer of such assets. So ruled the
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Plans to shift the responsibility for unpaid VAT to the buyer

The Ministry of Finance plans to amend the VAT Act. As from 1 July 2013, buyers of so-called “sensitive goods” would incur joint and several liability with the seller for a failure to pay VAT or VAT
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New hydrocarbon tax


In connection with intensification of the exploration of paraffin and gas, including shale beds, the Ministry of Finance prepared a draft act as of 28 March 2013 concerning, amongst others, taxation of

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More contracts subject to ZUS


At the turn of April and May, the Minister of Labour and Social Policy is to present a draft act expanding the scope of contracts subject to ZUS.

Trade unions are requesting

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New Polish-American double taxation treaty


The new convention between Poland and the USA was signed on the 13th February 2013. The treaty will be effective after finishing the ratification proceeding. The new convention provides numerous

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New draft of the CIT and PIT acts amendment


The Ministry of Finance submitted the next draft of amendments of the PIT and CIT acts. The new draft provides for changes even more unfavourable for the taxpayers than the in draft from the last year. The new law

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Deliveries of goods by foreign entities – changes in VAT taxation


As from 1 April 2013, the rules of taxation will change with regard to deliveries of goods in the territory of Poland by foreign taxable persons without a registered seat or a permanent business location in Poland.

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The Minister of Economy is announcing a prolongation of the period of operation of Special Economic Zones


The Minister of Economy, Janusz Piechociński, in the interview for Newseria.pl informed about the plans to prolong the operation of Special Economic Zones (SSE) for the coming years. The decision is to be made by

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