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PrimeGlobal has been named Association of the Year 2022 at the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) Digital Accountancy Awards


This award recognizes PrimeGlobal’s remarkable performance across a number of fronts, from our commitment to ESR and technology through to the new branding campaign that reflects the increasing advisory nature of our member firms. 


PrimeGlobal has enjoyed tremendous success over the past 12 months. Revenue has grown by 12%, boosting PrimeGlobal to third place in the 2022 IAB global rankings. Overall satisfaction rates with members have remained strong at 80% in the 2022 annual member survey. And, PrimeGlobal continues to expanded its positioning in strategic markets, such as Asia Pacific (37% growth) and EMEA (7% growth). 


We, as ATA Finance, have been an active member of PrimeGlobal for over a decade. We are proud of the development of the association. We believe that PrimeGlobal will deserve an award more than once in the near future.