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‘Anti-crisis shield’ - who will benefit from it?


We will survive together. We are aware that the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic threatens our health, our lives and the entire economy. The Polish government is currently working intensively on solutions to support workers and employers. We present a general overview of the proposal for the ‘anti-crisis shield’. Solutions that require legislation will be in force for a few months from April, as announced by Development Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz on March 19.


Below we present in brief introductory government announcements. In the coming weeks, they will be specified and modified.

Subsidies for employees

For companies that suffered losses due to the epidemic, a subsidy of half the employee's salary, but not more than 40 percent of the average statistical salary in 2019, while reducing the employee's salary by 20%, was announced. The average monthly salary in the national economy for 2019 was PLN 4,918.17, so the above limit is PLN 1,967.27.

Postponement of deadlines for filing tax returns

Finance Minister Tadeusz Kościński announced that the deadlines for filing tax returns would be postponed by a month or two. Submitting tax returns later should be free of charge.

In addition, the effective date of the new Standard Audit File for Tax (Polish: JPK) will be postponed from April to July 2020.

Postponement of tax payment date for retail

Furthermore, the finance minister announced that the tax payment deadline for retail will be postponed until the end of the year.

Settlement of tax losses in 2020 by correcting the tax return for 2019

Sectors that are particularly affected by the effects of the crisis (e.g. transport, tourism) are given the right to reduce taxable income if the turnover falls by 50% (in 2020 compared to 2019). This shall be effected by deduction of the loss amount for 2020 from income for tax year 2019 up to the limit of PLN 5 million. As a result, such companies would receive a tax (CIT) refund for 2019.

Deferral of social security payments (ZUS)

It is planned to postpone the payment of ZUS contributions by 3 months. As announced by ZUS spokesman Paweł Żebrowski, the postponement of ZUS is only valid for contributions from February to April 2020. The later repayment of contributions can be divided into installments. The postponement and payment in installments of ZUS contributions would be free of charge.


For people who work under civil law contracts (contract of mandate, specific-task contract) and for the self-employed, a one-time monthly benefit from the Social Security Institution (ZUS) is provided in the gross amount of PLN 2,000.

Microcredits and guarantees for entrepreneurs

It is planned to grant small entrepreneurs with up to 9 employees loans up to PLN 5,000. The loan does not have to be repaid if the company does not dismiss any employees within 6 months.

De minimis guarantee program for small and medium-sized enterprises of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK, Bank for State Economy) is being expanded. The amount of the collateral is increased from 60 to 80 percent.

Leasing support for companies with problems

Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu (Agency for Industrial Development) will provide PLN 1.7 billion for refinancing leasing contracts of transport companies.

Companies employing disabled people

According to the announcement, around PLN 600 million will be allocated to help employers employing disabled people. Support would also apply to disabled people who stay at home and need special care.


As announced, drafts of law amendments will be presented by March 20, 2020. We will inform you about the details of the proposed legal regulations.