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About ATA Finance

ATA Finance is a team of specialists, including tax advisors, certified accountants and expert auditors. We offer Clients complex services within the scope of tax advice, audit of financial statements and bookkeeping, as well as payroll accounting. ATA Finance is a brand under which the following entities operate:

  • ATA Tax Sp. z o.o.,
  • ATA Accounting Services Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Such comprehensive services are possible thanks to the cooperation of accountants with tax advisors and accounting experts. In providing our services to international clients, we also make use of the know-how of foreign specialists associated in Prime Global – an organization of independent tax advisors and auditors from over 80 countries worldwide.

We gain the trust of our Clients thanks to excellent skills and expertise of our staff, knowledge of the industry, and through integrating the work of tax and accounting and legal specialists. Among our clients there are national and foreign companies and organizations from various sectors, including finance, construction, production, commerce and real estate. We provide our international Clients with services in foreign languages.

We are distinguished by professionalism enhanced by our experience in servicing foreign entities, full engagement in undertaken projects, ability to quickly and effectively react to Client needs, assistance in practical implementation of proposed tax and accounting solutions, and flexibility, thanks to which we can undertake interdisciplinary and non-standard projects such as e.g. financial and tax reviews, enterprise valuation, tax and financial optimizations, implementation of IAS/IFRS, as well as preparation of issue prospectuses, auditing financial statements prepared in accordance with international standards (IAS/IFRS, US GAAP, HGB).

We offer services in areas important for each enterprise, linked with financial risks, including tax risk. Placing their confidence in our team of experts, the Clients entrust to us the services in areas of particular importance: managing tax issues, maintaining accounting books, review of accounting books and financial reports.

Thanks to the versatility of the ATA Finance team, we ensure execution of client-oriented interdisciplinary projects and tasks. The projects include financial and tax reviews, accounting and tax optimization, handling mergers, acquisition of enterprises and shares, valuation of enterprises.

We always try to closely cooperate with our Clients – full knowledge on conducted business not only facilitates understanding Client’s needs but also guarantees the success of postulated solutions. We believe that mutual trust constitutes the basis of perfect cooperation!