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More frequent verification of free-of-charge services


Our expert Marcin Sobieszek, tax advisor, discusses in the Rzeczpospolita daily a trend which has been observed recently and consists in increased interest of tax authorities in free-of-charge services. Our expert has noticed that sureties are one of the most popular issues checked by fiscal controllers.

Recently I have come across an attempt to calculate revenue of group member companies which provide financial guarantees to one another. Controllers wanted to assess it at 2.5 per cent of the guaranteed support amount – so the expert. Also, controllers often assess revenue of companies where members of management board hold their functions without compensation. Such revenue is calculated based on statistical data on salaries published by the Central Statistical Office (GUS) and estimates of actual work required. It has been also popular to assess revenue of companies which use trademarks of their affiliates without making any payment for it. Of course tax authorities also verify the accounting for non-interest bearing loans.

You are welcome to read the entire article in the electronic issue of the Rzeczpospolita daily which may be found at - www.prawo.rp.pl.