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The EMEA Insights Congress 2022


The EMEA Insights Congress 2022 in Amsterdam has begun. It is organized by PrimeGlobal, the international association of accounting firms. Our company is also a member.

ATA Finance's delegate, Rafał Wójcik, partner of ATA Accounting Services, attends the congress. Delegates from almost all European countries are present during the congress and several firms from Japan, China, the USA and Brazil. In total, about 140 delegates gathered from four continents.

The congress is an excellent opportunity to contact professionals in the field of accounting services and tax advisory from around the world. It is crucial to meet in person after covid pandemic break.

It is worth noting that the honorary guests at the congress came from Ukraine: Oxana Kuzyra and Tetiana Sergienko, who represent Laudis Accountancy member from Kyiv. Peace for Ukraine!


The EMEA Insights Congress 2022 11

The EMEA Insights Congress 2022 22

The EMEA Insights Congress 2022 33